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A Special Funeral For A Remarkable Person

The passing of our loved ones leave us in a state of grief, and often, that is made more difficult with the burden of having to arrange a funeral with the guesswork of what the late loved one would have wanted.

There are many ways to go about planning a meaningful funeral for the loved ones who gave meaning to our lives, and to achieve just that, you can reach out to La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary. It would be ideal to craft a meaningful funeral from factors such as the person’s passions, interests, and maybe religious affiliations, but we also have to keep in mind the financial aspect. But you don’t have to fret – this memorial park will know how to get your loved one the funeral they deserved with the budget that you have.

Most of the families left behind to tend to go for the traditional funeral, but you don’t have to conform with that, especially as traditional funerals tend to be on the expensive side.

Among the meaningful ways to go about it would be giving the body for donation to medical science, and made useful in teaching hospitals. This would be a good option if your loved one expressed some interest in it, had ties to the medical field, or wanted to live on after death. In this regard, the hospital will be responsible for the removal, embalming, and cremation process, and all you have to do is rest in the knowledge that your loved one was able to make a mark in this world even as they left it. If you are interested in this method, you can learn about it through this link.

Another option which is also commonly opted for and actually affordable is cremation. Even if you decided to hold a traditional funeral service with a viewing, you can still go along with cremation afterward. With cremation, you can choose an urn, or a nice jar, or something symbolic of the person to memorialize them in your home. Another way is to scatter your loved one’s ashes somewhere they would have wished for, like maybe off a lighthouse where their spouse proposed to them, or maybe the sea, the choice is up to you. For more information about the crematory process, you may reach out to La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary.

Whichever funeral you decide to arrange, be it religious or non-religious, you can organize it in a manner that you feel your loved one would have it, where your friends and family come together to remember the joyous days, sharing all the memories they hold in their heart, and appreciating the mark that the person has made in their lives. This is all a part of the process, and La Vista Memorial Park and Mortuary will do the work for you while you go through it.

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